Chapters and other publications

"The case of Syrian refugees in Türkiye: Successes, challenges, and lessons learned"
World Development Report 2023, background paper, The World Bank, April 2023
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"The impact of forced displacement on housing and urban settlement in host communities"
JDC Quarterly Digest, sixth issue, UNHCR/WB Joint Data Center, September 2022
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In: K. F. Zimmermann (eds) Handbook of Labor, Human Resources, and Population Economics, Springer, Cham. 2022
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(with M. Mamei, S.M. Cilasun, M. Lippi, and F. Pancotto)
In: A. A. Salah, A. Pentland, B. Lepri, and E. Letouze (eds) Guide to Mobile Data Analytics in Refugee Scenarios, Springer Nature, Ch 19, 381-402, 2019
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Repatriation of Refugees from Arab Conflicts: Conditions, Costs and Scenarios for Reconstruction, EuroMed Report, FEMISE, Ch 4, 107-136, 2019
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"The use of natural experiments in migration research"
IZA World of Labor, 191, 1-10, 2015
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"Refugees and host economies"
(with Y.E. Akgunduz, A.B. Aydemir, and M. Kirdar)
G-20 Insights: Policy Brief, T20 Task Force 9: Migration and Young Societies, October 2020
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"Syrian refugees: Economic challenges and opportunities"
IEB's Report on Fiscal Federalism and Public Finance '16, Institut d’Economia de Barcelona (IEB), pp. 10-12, 2016
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