Journal articles

"Impact of graduating with honors on entry wages of economics majors"
(with S. Atay and G. Asik)
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming
IZA DP #16080, [link to article]

"The crime effect of refugees"
(with M. Akbulut-Yuksel, N. Mocan, and B. Turan)
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 43(2), 472-508, 2024
[VoxEU], NBER WP #30070, IZA DP #15335, [link to article]

"Training teachers for diversity awareness: Impact on school outcomes of refugee children"
(with M. Vlassopoulos and J. Wahba)
Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming
[VoxDev], [Policy Insight], IZA DP #14557, [link to article]

"The economic impact of Syrian refugees on host countries: Quasi-experimental evidence from Turkey"
American Economic Review (P&P), 106(5), 456-460, 2016
[AEA webcast], [link to article]

"The effect of refugees on native adolescents' test scores: Quasi-experimental evidence from PISA"
Journal of Development Economics, 150, 102633, 2021
IZA DP #14039, [link to article]

"Local governance quality and the environmental cost of forced migration"
(with C.G. Aksoy)
Journal of Development Economics, 149, 102603, 2021
IZA DP #13145, [link to article]

"Immigration and prices: Quasi-experimental evidence from Syrian refugees in Turkey"
(with B. Balkan)
Journal of Population Economics, 29(3), 657-686, 2016
[Kuznets prize], IZA DP #9642, [link to article]

"Empowered or impoverished: The impact of panic buttons on domestic violence"
(with H. Ulucan)
Review of Economics of the Household, forthcoming
IZA DP #12847, [link to article]

"The impact of Syrian refugees on natives' labor market outcomes in Turkey: Evidence from a quasi-experimental design"
(with E. Ceritoglu, H.B. Gurcihan-Yunculer, and H. Torun)
IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 6(5), 2017
IZA DP #9348, [open access link]

"The effects of compulsory military service exemption on education and labor market outcomes: Evidence from a natural experiment"
(with H. Torun)
Economics of Education Review, 54, 16-35, 2016
IZA DP #10004, [link to article]

"Refugees and ‘native flight’ from public to private schools"
Economics Letters, 181, 154-159, 2019
IZA DP #12235, [link to article]

"Fertility decisions and endogenous residential sorting"
Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42(1), 78-87, 2012
[link to article]

"The revolution is dead, long live the demolition: Education and labor market consequences of student riots"
(with A. Ozturk)
IZA Journal of Labor Economics, 12(4), 2023
IZA DP #11733, [link to article]

"The effect of fertility on female labor supply in a labor market with extensive informality"
(with B. Turan)
Empirical Economics, 65(4), 1855-1894, 2023
IZA DP #13986, [link to article]

"Do vocational high school graduates have better employment outcomes than general high school graduates?"
(with H. Torun)
International Journal of Manpower, 40(8), 1364-1388, 2019
IZA DP #10507, [link to article]

"The impact of age-specific minimum wages on youth employment and education: A regression discontinuity analysis"
(with M. Dayioglu and M. Kucukbayrak)
International Journal of Manpower, 43(6), 1352-1377, 2022
IZA DP #13982, [link to article]

"Product-level estimates of exchange rate pass-through: Evidence from Turkey"
(with Y.E. Akgunduz, E.M. Bastan, and U. Demiroglu)
World Economy, 44(7), 2203-2226, 2021
CBRT WP #19/22, [link to article]

"Taxing fossil fuels under speculative storage"
(with D. Unalmis, I. Unalmis, and D.F. Unsal)
Energy Economics, 53, 64-75, 2016
IMF WP #14/228, [link to article]

"Quantifying and explaining stickiness in housing rents: A Turkish case study with micro-level data"
(with C. Aysoy and C. Aysoy)
Journal of Housing Economics, 25, 62-74, 2014
CBRT WP #14/09, [link to article]

"Reassessing the trends in the relative supply of college-equivalent workers in the U.S.: A selection-correction approach"
(with H. Ercan and H. Ulucan)
Journal of Economic Inequality, 13(2), 249-273, 2015
CBRT WP #14/10, [link to article]

"Measuring earnings inequality: An economic analysis of the Bonferroni index"
Review of Income and Wealth, 57(4), 727-744, 2011
[link to article]

"Informal versus formal search: Which yields a better pay?"
International Journal of Economic Theory, 12(3), 257-277, 2016
IZA DP #9573, [link to article]

"Firm-size wage gaps along the formal-informal divide: Theory and evidence"
(with B. Balkan)
Industrial Relations, 55(2), 235-266, 2016
IZA DP #9455, [link to article]

"How does a shorter supply chain affect pricing of fresh food? Evidence from a natural experiment"
(with C. Aysoy and D.H. Kirli)
Food Policy, 57, 104-113, 2015
CBRT WP #15/28, [link to article]

"Entrepreneurship in the shadows: Wealth constraints and government policy"
The Economics of Transition, 25(2), 239-270, 2017
IZA DP #10324, [link to article]

"Is happiness contagious? Separating spillover externalities from the group-level social context"
(with T. Zeydanli)
Journal of Happiness Studies, 16(3), 719-744, 2015
[link to article]

"Social interactions in job satisfaction"
(with T. Zeydanli)
International Journal of Manpower, 37(3), 426-455, 2016
IZA DP #9505, [link to article]

"A theory of intra-firm group design"
Journal of Productivity Analysis, 45(1), 89-102, 2016
IZA DP #9473, [link to article]

"Day-of-the-week effects in subjective well-being: Does selectivity matter?"
(with T. Zeydanli)
Social Indicators Research, 119(1), 139-162, 2014
CBRT WP #13/38, [link to article]

"Home ownership and job satisfaction"
(with T. Zeydanli)
Social Indicators Research, 117(1), 165-177, 2014
CBRT WP #13/22, [link to article]

"Skill acquisition in the informal economy and schooling decisions: Evidence from emerging economies"
LABOUR, 29(3), 270-290, 2015
CBRT WP #15/14, [link to article]

"The empirical content of season of birth effects: An investigation with Turkish data"
(with H. Torun)
Demographic Research, 37, 1825-1860, 2017
IZA DP #10203, [open access link]

"Career choice and the strength of weak ties"
Central Bank Review, 17(3), 91-97, 2017
IZA DP #10401, [open access link]

"Regulation and the market for checks"
Economic Modelling, 29(3), 858-867, 2012
CBRT WP #10/06, [link to article]

"Can sustained economic growth and declining population coexist?"
(with C. Elgin)
Economic Modelling, 29(5), 1899-1908, 2012
[link to article]

"Agricultural credits and agricultural productivity: Cross-country evidence"
(with U. Seven)
Singapore Economic Review, 65(s01), 161-183, 2020
IZA DP #12930, [link to article]

"Informality as a stepping stone: A search-theoretical assessment of informal sector and government policy"
Central Bank Review, 16(3), 109-117, 2016
IZA DP #10116, [open access link]

"Regulating check use in Turkey"
Central Bank Review, 12(1), 1-12, 2012
[open access link]