Research in progress

"Ethnic mixing in early childhood: Evidence from a randomized field experiment and a structural model"
(with V. Boucher, M. Vlassopoulos, J. Wahba, and Y. Zenou)
CEPR DP #15528, IZA DP #14260
Journal of Political Economy (R&R)

"Hometown conflict and refugees' integration efforts"
(with C. G. Aksoy, G. Khanna, and V. Marino)
[VoxEU], CEPR DP #18918, IZA DP #16862

"The power of language: Impact on educational outcomes and mental well-being of refugee children"
(with M. Vlassopoulos and J. Wahba)
WP coming soon!

"Under pressure: Electoral competition and women's representation"
(with P. Campa and P. O. Saygin)
WP coming soon!

"Academic remediation of refugee students"
(with C. Ozden and S. Polat)
WP coming soon!

"Refugees and natives' mortality: The role of infectious diseases"
(with M. A. Eryurt, M. Ozer, and I. Beyazit)
WP coming soon!

"Social interactions and unemployment fluctuations"
new version coming soon!

"The impact of low-skill refugees on youth education"
IZA DP #11869

"Consumer loan response to permanent labor income shocks: Evidence from a major minimum wage increase"
(with Y.S. Hacihasanoglu)
IZA DP #11869
Journal of Banking & Finance (R&R)

"Forced migration and housing rents: Evidence from Syrian refugees in Turkiye"
(with B. Balkan)
IZA DP #11611

"Evaluating the impact of the post-2008 employment subsidy program in Turkiye"
(with B. Balkan, Y.S. Baskaya, S.M. Cilasun, and B. Turan)
IZA DP #9993