Research in progress

"Violence in hometown and human capital investment of refugee children"
(with C. G. Aksoy, G. Khanna, and V. Marino)
WP coming soon!

"Ethnic mixing in early childhood: Evidence from a randomized field experiment and a structural model"
(with V. Boucher, M. Vlassopoulos, J. Wahba, and Y. Zenou)
CEPR DP #15528, IZA DP #14260

"Social interactions and unemployment fluctuations"
new version coming soon!

"Impact of graduating with honors on entry wages of economics majors"
(with S. Atay and G. Asik)
IZA DP #16080

"The impact of low-skill refugees on youth education"
IZA DP #11869

"Empowered or impoverished: The impact of panic buttons on domestic violence"
(with H. Ulucan)
IZA DP #12847

"Academic remediation of refugee students"
(with C. Ozden and S. Polat)
WP coming soon!

"Consumer loan response to permanent labor income shocks: Evidence from a major minimum wage increase"
(with Y.S. Hacihasanoglu)
IZA DP #11869

"Forced migration and housing rents: Evidence from Syrian refugees in Turkiye"
(with B. Balkan)
IZA DP #11611

"Evaluating the impact of the post-2008 employment subsidy program in Turkiye"
(with B. Balkan, Y.S. Baskaya, S.M. Cilasun, and B. Turan)
IZA DP #9993